The Noble Bloggers Week#8: Mike Morales

Mike Morales and Casa Noble’s friendship is a long and enjoyable odyssey where many conversations, emotions, and advice have flowed freely since Day 1. “Brutally” honest and always to the point, Mike’s tequila reviews are always sincere and devoid of unnecessary pleasantries.  Mike tells it like it is, and We have always admired his style and openness. But most of all, we have a deep respect for his passion and drive to go deeper than anybody else when it comes to finding the answers he wants.

It is our great honor to share a tiny bit of Mike’s thoughts in this week’s Noble Bloggers, a piece we are sure you will enjoy reading very much.


First There’s the Pain…

Remember the time when you were first introduced to that rotgut that we used to call tequila?  And…

When you were dangerously close to your limit of shots that you were afraid to close your eyes because of the nauseating spins it gave you?

Can you still feel them?

The blinding headaches…

The debilitating body sweats…

The severe two-day hangovers you suffered afterwards?

You’d sworn that tequila was the devil and that you would never fall victim to its false charms again.  Until one day…

You’re out drinking with a group of friends and someone finally orders a round of tequila shots.  Remembering your last ordeal, you gracefully decline.  Then, some wag questions your intestinal fortitude and dares you.

You’re ego couldn’t refuse and the whole vicious cycle started all over again.

For those active on social media, if you were to believe the Twitter posts that are tweeted from any city on an average Friday or Saturday night, things haven’t changed much from those days.  Twitter even has its own Tequila Tuesdays!

It seems that for most, it’s not about careful, sophisticated enjoyment of tequila.  It’s still about painfully “shooting-with-the-intent-to-get-trashed” and who owns the bragging rights to the worst hangover story of the weekend.

For those of us who didn’t let these experiences dissuade us from our quest to find tequila’s redeeming value, we were rewarded with the discovery of one hundred percent agave tequilas.

Then There’s the Pleasure!

Can you remember how you learned about them?  One hundred percent agave tequilas?

The brand?

The type?

What you were doing at the time?

No matter how you were introduced to them, each of you has a story that is just as significant, if not more so, than the one described above.  And chances are, it’s a story that is rooted in such a pleasurable outcome that it brings a smile to your face.

That’s when you’re hooked!

That’s when you decide that anyone near and dear to you, and even perfect strangers, should experience the same feelings of joy and satisfaction that sipping a one hundred percent agave tequila can provide.

But, how do you do that effectively?

It’s not enough to just place a one hundred percent agave tequila in front of someone and coax him or her by saying, “Here, try this.  You’ll love it.”

Such an attempt is doomed to failure!

What is required to gain a successful convert to sipping tequilas is a meaningful story to go along with the transformative experience.

What’s Your Story?

Because of the utmost care and years of attention to details, any expression of Casa Noble tequila, whether in rare collector’s bottles or the new, instantly classic Single Barrel varieties, easily lends itself to pleasurable sipping, exciting and unique cocktails and even decadent desserts.

But, they also serve to contribute as both a significant life experience and a meaningful story for someone just venturing into the fascinating world of tequila.

Let me share with you a few of my Casa Noble stories….

There was the time I was invited to Christmas Eve dinner at someone’s home that I’d never met and brought along a bottle of Casa Noble Crystal. 

Between the bowls of steaming posole and green chile stew on that cold Christmas Eve, everyone who tried the Crystal exclaimed, “This is tequila?  That bottle didn’t last one hour!”

Another milestone memory was having the honor of being present at the first cata (tasting) inside of La Cofradía distillery during the historic first Blue Agave Tour in 2006 where we sampled newer versions of Casa Noble before they were released on the market.  Or…

The first time I sucked on a wedge of baked blue agave after dipping it in my snifter of Casa Noble Crystal.  It’s a technique that indelibly imprinted the flavor and aroma of baked blue agave onto my mind forever!

I recall the life changing conversations held inside the sacred barrel room of resting Casa Noble tequilas during the tour, as well.

My fondest memory is of the first time I met Casa Noble’s CEO, Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo during my first attempt at a tequila tasting show in my home state of New Mexico in 2000.  He presented me with a bottle of the famed five-year-old añejo in the black ceramic bottle and gold hand painted accents.


 Pepe explained that every one thousand bottles is pulled from the line and signed.  Underneath that bottle were his signature and the number 1000.  He said that it was in thanks for all that I was doing to promote tequila.  To this day, it’s one of my most prized possessions.


So, what’s your Casa Noble story?  It’s made for memories, so be sure to share it in a significant and meaningful way.

Casa Noble–a truly transformative tequila.

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